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Shortcuts, Spellcheck and References immodifika


are there any shortcuts for the karattri speċjali? Is there also a means of integrateing the Linux.mt online spellchecker? and finally is there some special reason for not setting up ISBN links.

By the way - this is wonderful work congrats and thanks :) --Joelemaltais 11:59, 15 Mej 2005 (UTC)

Greetings immodifika

Greetings, 19:02, 16 Mejju 2005 (UTC)Wieġeb[wieġeb]

Deletion immodifika

These entries can now be deleted The other version with the glossary terms ought to stay for the time being

This is presently out of use although it migt be used at some point.

  • Template:CompactTOC2mt
    • OK. Can you document it in its discussion page or maybe add it to the Template list page? Srl | lblb 21:05, 27 Mej 2005 (UTC)

cheers --Joelemaltais

templates immodifika


wow ... this is a jam session tonight. :). What about a template for articles with mixed content, i.e. articles which are partialy translated but need to be corrected or completed. Does that make sense? --Joelemaltais 23:35, 27 Mej 2005 (UTC)

I would leave the 'not in maltese' tag on it until it is complete then.. idea li għandi huwa li xi ħadd jista' jaqra l-lista' biex jagħti daqqa ta' id. Srl | lblb 23:36, 27 Mej 2005 (UTC)
OK, seems to be more consistent this way :)--Joelemaltais 00:22, 28 Mej 2005 (UTC)

Hi Srl. Thanks for creating the India page. I'll be adding some images now. w:User:Nichalp 18:36, 29 Mej 2005 (UTC)

OK. Also, seems like you might want to refer to yourself as w:en:User:Nichal so itis clear that english is the target. Just a thought. Srl | lblb 19:00, 29 Mej 2005 (UTC)
Hi both of you. I translated the Intro of the English version. I'm not sure if that's enough to remove the stub notice.

Before taking leave immodifika

probably I' won't take leave completely but I'm going to have to turn to other stuff and try and get the wiktionary business done. Just the same I'll try and complete my unfinished articles.

  • I've got more or less permission granted to publicise the dictionary schema; It will have to be extended for Maltese (It doesn't cater for dual forms and also has a field for conjugation classes of which I do not have the slightest idea for Maltese). I really hope that some people here would set up a basic maltese grammar which would also be very handy as part of the guidelines ...and I hope that wikipedians will help.
  • We might have to define when it is suitable to discuss on Topic X within the article (as in Antonio Sciortino) or in the wikipedia space as we did for topics on and around Maltese. Basically it's a question of balance so we might also leave that to common sense.
  • I set up a portal for Maltese but didn't finish beautifying it. I'hope it makes sense. To be frank I'm not sure of the assets the portal framework brings with it, however ..I'm not sure if I set it up properly i.e. I'm not sure about the interplay with categories. I was also thinking if it were possible to pipe all articles of a category as wikilinks directly into the portal. for instance Linguistics is related to Maltese and discussion on the Language, so it would make sense to put al Linguistics Links in a section there.... or maybe not.. :P

  • you set up a cetegory called 'diskuzzjoni' .. as far as I know it's 'diskussjoni'. If we go by google-hits it seems to be the case. I desperately need a dictionary.
  • How does this adminship business with wiktionary work. Who do I ask? I suppose if I have to tweak there I'll be needing that.. wouldn't I? I'll ask Magnus how it works out.

Il-lejl it-tajjeb :))--Joelemaltais 01:54, 30 Mej 2005 (UTC)

Adminship on Wiktionary - a Fishing Expedition immodifika

Okay. Here is what I have for you:

  1. Issue: I don't understand about the wikt:en:Wiktionary:List_of_languages - that's in the English wiktionary?
  2. You might want to check around the wikt:en:Wiktionary:Community_Portal to see if someone would help there
  3. The actual admin request happens on meta:Requests_for_permissions - follow the instructions there:
    1. you need to make a page like wikt:en:Wiktionary:Administrators - see the Wikipedia:Amministraturi page that I created before my adminship
    2. Add that administrators page to meta:Requests_for_permissions ( make sure to create a user account on meta first, with a user page etc). Put yourself on that page as a proposed admin.
    3. Add a request back on that meta page under the Current requests for permissions section.. be sure to tell us back here on mt.wikipedia so we can endorse you..
    4. wait for people to look at it, vote for you etc.
  4. i thougth this looekd interesting: meta:Administrators_of_various_projects

hope this helps. Srl | lblb 07:45, 30 Mej 2005 (UTC)

wiktionary and portal immodifika

Hi srl thanks alot ... I subscribed to the wiktionary mailinglist and will be looking into the adminship later on.

I have definite permission now to release the dictionary schema and the documentation on condition that our institution be cited somewhere on the documentation page and that anyone using the schema elsewhere has to do the same. I hope this is ok on wikipedia terms. I'll check that out.

I had a look at the php code on my own mediawiki .. and it's going to be quite tricky :|| but we'll manage somehow.

I'd like to ask you a favour. I thought of grouping maltese related pages through the navigational template and the portal with the main reason of making it easier for anyone wanting to contribute on the subject to do so in structured way. I am not at all acquainted with the style conventions for Maltese i.e. if you use capitals in Headings throughout or not and the like and it seems to me really important to get something of the sort documented. Also a reference Maltese Grammar would be nice. So if we have a basic structure we could possibly ask the guys/girls from the Kelmet Mailing list if they'd like to contribute with these issues.

I did not do so myself till now because I thought the portal wasn't set up well yet, for instance I'm not sure if you have to embed [[Category:Wikiportals|Lingwa Maltija]] in every page linked from the portal. I'm also not very clear on the category concept in general - I'll have to read the documentation.

Well if you find time to take care of the portal that would be nice - otherwise I'll try and catch up with that mayself in a day or two.

cheers and have a nice Jum il-Memorjal --Joelemaltais 12:31, 30 Mej 2005 (UTC)

grazzi. I don't know how much i'll do in the next day or 2 myself, i'll have to see. maybe i'll get a start on it and you can comment if it is what you had in mind. Tßuss! Srl | lblb 15:59, 30 Mej 2005 (UTC)

wiktionary again immodifika

It-seems others have taken the lead :)) w:meta:Kennisnet/Structured_data so I think I'll share the burden and contribute there if it turns out that results do emerge in a realistic timespan.

plural, singular / masc., fem. immodifika

Hi Srl, have been away from here for some time. I noticed that you often mix up these personal pronouns

huwa/hu -----masc.sg. = hejavascript:insertTags('07:47, 31 Awissu 2005 (UTC)',,); Il-firma tiegħek bil-ħin 07:47, 31 Awissu 2005 (UTC) hija/hi -----fem.sg = she huma --------plural = they

cheers :)) --joelemaltais\talk 21:27, 21 Awissu 2005 (UTC)

iva, xi ħafna drabi.. pereżempju? Srl | lblb 01:07, 23 Awissu 2005 (UTC)

User talk: immodifika

that was me... the system seems to log me out before I start typing--joelemaltais\talk 19:45, 23 Awissu 2005 (UTC)

I did leave you a message regarding dates and stuff. You might take a look at the Pjazza for more info. And thanks for your comments and for removing those tedious html tags :) --Roderick Mallia 07:47, 31 Awissu 2005 (UTC)

Check your mail --Roderick Mallia 08:05, 31 Awissu 2005 (UTC)

Namespaces immodifika

Wonderful work Srl! So basically now we only have 3 more namespaces to change: Category (Kategorija), Help (Għajnuna) and Special (Speċjali). I'll have a look and start organising things/translating stuff later on today. As a sidenote, I will make a list of the most important policy/guideline pages to be translated in an attempt to get some other wikipedians to help me out in translating. I also intend to do a list of 100 'basic' articles which every Wiki should have (I will refer to the it.wiki for this). This list should give a guideline to those who would like to contribute (even as stubs) but are uncertain of what to do and what topic to tackle. Things are moving along well, let's keep this momentum going --Roderick Mallia 10:48, 1 Settembru 2005 (UTC)Wieġeb[wieġeb]

yes, the others need to be in a translation table. i'll look into i.. thanks for doing the donation translation too. Srl | lblb 14:42, 1 Settembru 2005 (UTC)Wieġeb[wieġeb]

Festival tal-Kwalità immodifika

I was thinking of setting up a "Festival tal-Kwalità" (lit. Quality Festival) sometime in the future to encourage Wikipedians on our wiki to improve the quality of the articles. Things to be done will be listed accordingly, and completed tasks will be eventually ticked off. I have noticed that many articles have spelling mistakes, lack of wikilinks, grammatical errors, lack of references, etc. I think such a festival would help to improve the overall quality and reliability of our wiki. I had some free time on my hands and designed a little logo: http://mt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Logo_Wiki_Kwalita.jpg I'd love to hear your comments about such an initiative. We could do it sometime in November maybe (December would be to close to festivities to have people bothering about the wiki), and have most of the articles up to scratch by the end of the year. --Roderick Mallia 18:49, 5 Settembru 2005 (UTC)Wieġeb[wieġeb]

Sounds like a great idea! Maybe we could get some currently uninvolved folks involved... See also interesting stuff at w:en:WP:WASSUP as far as collaborations
Funny I was going to sugest something similar my self. However I think I should start sweeping infront of my own doorstep for instance finish a bunch of unfinished articles :)). By the way I noticed that the links to the pages Category:Paġni li jiddiskutu il-lingwa Maltija are broken. Is there some restructuring going on there?--joelemaltais\talk 07:24, 6 Settembru 2005 (UTC)Wieġeb[wieġeb]
istaqsu lil Rod Srl | lblb 06:51, 12 Settembru 2005 (UTC)Wieġeb[wieġeb]
I'll have a look and fix any broken links in the next couple of hours. At the moment I'm having a look at the Sicilian wiki to see how they organised the pages related to grammar, vocab, etc. --Roderick Mallia 08:32, 12 Settembru 2005 (UTC)Wieġeb[wieġeb]

bil-Malti immodifika

From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Maltese_language

Why is it that when the mt code appears as well as in the Maltese Wiki, bil-Malti is used? it is pointless! it is the same as saying "in English"! I could give a bit of reason to "il-Malti" as it is used as such in spoken Maltese (i.e. giving it an article), though this still looks very untidy. But I can see no conceivable reason why "bil-Malti" is being used.

Can you do something about that Srl? I think that Malti should be used as even you yourself once suggested (if I remember correctly).

Roderick Mallia 08:55, 12 Settembru 2005 (UTC)Wieġeb[wieġeb]

Will do. It's in the same place as the 'Għajnuna'/'Help' template is.. Srl | lblb 00:56, 13 Settembru 2005 (UTC)Wieġeb[wieġeb]

Great! Thanks a lot. --Roderick Mallia 07:55, 13 Settembru 2005 (UTC)Wieġeb[wieġeb]


I address you as the ambassador of your wikipedia. Please notice the above project.

This project, more than other projects, will benefit from inter-wiki cooperation. Can you post a message regarding this project at your wikipedia village pump?

Thanks for your help, APH from the English wiki

PN immodifika

PN as in Nationalist Party is a generic name. We should name them according to country. Please refer to this

Fair enough, anonymous person :) I moved a bunch of links to be PN (Malta) - thanks Srl | lblb 06:46, 7 Ottubru 2005 (UTC)Wieġeb[wieġeb]

Sorry Srl - that was me. For some strange reason I forgot to sign. --Roderick Mallia 07:35, 7 Ottubru 2005 (UTC)Wieġeb[wieġeb]

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