Differenza bejn ir-reviżjonijiet ta' "Diskussjoni utent:Leli Forte"

Hello Leli Forte, I think there's a misunderstanding, the infoboxes automatically retrieve data from Wikidata, if a label is not translated to maltese, it'll take the english label by default (click on the icon ✎ in order to translate to maltese). This system is implemented in many Wikipedias, if you disagree with this, you just had to inform me and I would have ceased to create new ones. Blocking me was not nice of you. Farewall. [[Utent:Sami At Ferḥat|Sami At Ferḥat]].
:Sorry SammiSami, I knew that you were trying to help but I had no way of contacting you to find out what was happening. So I blocked you till I was able to talk to the other administrators. It would have been nice if you had informed us about what you were doing and if we wanted this done on our wiki.
:[[Utent:Leli Forte|Leli Forte]] ([[Diskussjoni utent:Leli Forte|d]]) 17:25, 26 Ottubru 2020 (UTC)