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Hello, I was here to request a bot flag for my bot (WikitanvirBot). but since I don't know your language and I can't find any English instruction, I failed to do so. Can you please add some English instruction at the top of the page? My bot currently doing some test edits. As soon as you tell me the way of request bot flag here, I'll make the request. Please reply to my enwiki or commons or meta user page. Thank you! — [[User:Wikitanvir|Tanvir]] • 11:53, 1 Ottubru 2010 (UTC)
:Thank you a lot. I made the request. Feel free to correct it, if I made any mistake. — [[User:Wikitanvir|Tanvir]] • 13:47, 1 Ottubru 2010 (UTC)